Traditional Wagonette







Our traditional wagonette was acquired by the previous Irish owner at a Timbley & Shoreland carriage auction in England in 2018 and is stated in the auction catalogue as being circa 1920 and therefore does not have brakes.   It seats 4 people in the back facing inwards, plus driver and groom up front, and is perfect for all occasions – weddings, carriage rides, Santa transport, Valentine’s Day/romantic rides and much more.

Farmleigh carriage rides 2018
Farmleigh carriage rides 2018

Traditionally, wagonettes were the vehicles sent to the train station to collect the luggage while the people travelled in a landau.

Painted blue with red undercarriage and upholstered in red,  (complete with basket umbrella holder for Irish weather!) it can be drawn by a single horse, usually Beauty, or a pair, generally Beauty & Silver at the moment.

This is the vehicle we use for showing competitions – Reserve Champions in Tinahely Agricultural Show in 2019


Original Wagonette c. 1920's
Original Wagonette c. 1920’s