Carriage Driving Lessons

Are you one of those people who would love to ride and be around horses but you think they are too intimidating?  Then why not try carriage driving as an alternative – you will still be required to adhere to all the usual safety standards associated with horses but you will find it less daunting and more relaxing.

Take an introductory lesson in carriage driving and you will get a chance to take the reins yourself and feel the horse’s mouth just as if you were riding – without the worry of falling off.

We take care to ensure the health and safety of everyone concerned – whip (a carriage driver is called the whip), passengers, horse and other road users. Our horse, Riverside Beauty, is what is called “bomb proof” (ie. doesn’t frighten very easily), and is very experienced but, nevertheless, circumstances beyond our control can cause accidents.

Also, as a carriage is nearly three feet off the ground, participants must be agile enough to get on and off easily and it may not suit anyone with a bad back. You participate at your own risk.

What a Lesson Involves
Introducing the horse
Identifying harness parts
Correct harness fitting safety aspects

Putting to (correct terminology for yoking a horse to a carriage)
Rein handling
Correct use of driving whip
Voice commands
Road awareness and hand signals
Unhitching (unyoking the horse from the carriage)

A lesson will take approximately two hours and you get to see a little of the Irish countryside into the bargain.

Prices start at €50 for one person

Welfare of the Horse

As the welfare of the horse is paramount at all times, we reserve the right to cancel or adjourn any drive, tour, lesson or other service at any time due to weather conditions and/or injury or sickness of the horse, etc.

Carriage driving can be a dangerous sport as it involves the unpredictability of animals.   You participate in the sport of carriage driving at your own risk and we cannot be held liable for any bodily injury or death, nor damage to any property. 

You participate in carriage driving at your own risk.

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